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LDC Excellence Award 2022
Respected Chief Engineer SLDC welcoming Sh. S.K Soonee, Advisor, POSOCO
CE(SLDC) welcoming MD(TRANSCO)
SLDC MP receives Best SLDC Award in the LDC Excellence Award
Inauguration of workshop
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Last Updated on : 04-06-2023

SLDC wins Order Of Merit SKOCH Award


1st SLDC in country to commission Inverter & Turbine telemetry of Renewable Power Stations



Shri Rajesh Gupta SE(LD:E&T) received the award in ceremony conducted at Constitutional Club ofI ndia(CCI) New Delhi. The Managing Director of MPPTCL- Shri PAR Bende and Chief Engineer SLDC,Shri KK Prabhakar have congratulated  all the officers and employees on the occasion.

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